Friday, December 27, 2013


  1. Christmas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and a widely observed cultural holiday, celebrated generally on December 25 by millions of ...
  2. News for Christmas

    1. ‎- 2 hours ago
      Two of the nation's biggest package shippers hit the road Thursday, scrambling to deliver boxes to angry customers who didn't receive the gifts ...
  3. Christmas — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
    Discover the history of Christmas, a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus' birth on December 25. Find out about its origins, popular traditions and more.
  4. Images for Christmas

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  5. | The Official Christmas Website
    Merry offers Santa Video, Christmas games, music, recipes, stories, jokes and much, much more. Come on in and check us out!
  6. Santa Claus and Christmas at the North Pole
    Enjoy Christmas with Santa Claus at the North pole, an award-winning Christmas web site. Send a letter to Santa Claus or a Christmas card to a friend.
  7. HowStuffWorks "How Christmas Works"
    Christmas is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world each year. Find out why Christmas is celebrated and learn about Christmas ...
  8. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Christmas - New Advent › Catholic EncyclopediaC
    Provides a detailed overview of the holiday from the fourth century through the modern age. Includes links to related topics.
  9. Christmas Tree Shops
    Find affordable furniture, home decor, and kitchen essentials at Christmas Tree Shops. Shop a variety of great products for any time of the year. Don't you just ...
  10. Christmas 2013 | Gifts, recipes and ideas | Life and style | The ...
    Christmas gift guides, Christmas recipes and the best advice and suggestions from the Guardian.
  11. Christmas Countdown 2013 - Find out how many days until ...
    How many days until Christmas 2013? is your Christmas Countdown 2013! Set it as your homepage to count the number of days until ...
  12. In-depth articles
  13. The phoney war on Christmas

    The Guardian -
    Dec 2006
    Luton council, we are told, has banned people from celebrating Christmas. Birmingham has renamed the season Winterval. A Reading man has been told to take his decorations down.
  14. Christopher Hitchens on The True Spirit of Christmas

    The Wall Street Journal -
    Dec 2011
    Ever since Tom Lehrer recorded his imperishable anti-Christmas ditty all those years ago, the small but growing minority who view the end of December with existential dread has had a ...
  15. The Christmas Truce
    The reality of the Christmas Truce, however, is a slightly less romantic and a more down to earth story. It was an organic affair that in some spots hardly registered a mention and in others left a profound ...

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